Chase Richard

Hey this is Chase.I made this site up for movie,tv, and music fans.You can check out my pages the first page tells you about this site.The next page down that says shows to watch this week.That's about the shows people watch it tells you what day the show  comes on and it tells you if that show is a rerun.If you dont see your show on the list email me at .The one under that one is for Twilight fans.I will tell you about the new movies and the dates of the new movie new moon.And I will give you the news about the new movie.The next one is my top picks for this month.That tells you about the bands I like this month.The last one is new bands and bands that you may know.That tells you about your favorite bands and news about that band like tour dates.

If you won't to see your favorite tv shows or music and movies tell me.Then I will put them on here and new about that show,movie or band.